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Duck Breast
How to Cook Duck Breast
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Many food writers have brilliant ways to cook and serve duck. Look out for Ray McVinnie, Fiona Smith and Kate Fay’s Cibo Cookbook, where she features an entire duck section. is also a wealth of information!

Duck Breast is perfect for the BBQ, but it is important to slowly cook the duck breast fillet, skin side down to begin with. This is to ensure the duck fat renders out, and you get lovely crispy skin. You don’t want your guests to bite into a rubbery, fatty breast fillet!

Duck Breast is particularly suited to fruit or piquant glazes. Try the classic "Orange & Grand Marnier Glaze" recipe in recipe section. You can glaze the breast during cooking and reserve some of the glaze for drizzling over your duck dish to serve.
How to Cook Duck Breast - Frying

Duck Breast is a wonderful alternative to steak or lamb - it is a boneless fillet, which makes it quick to cook and it has wonderful flavour, which can be enhanced by sauces or glazes. Ducks are a waterfowl and have a layer of fat under their skin to keep them warm and waterproof - this is why the skin of a duck is so thick and why so much fat will render during cooking.

Where Will I Find Saveur Duck Breast Fillets?
  • You will find fresh Saveur Duck Breast Fillets in the meat section of the supermarket, or at butcheries or specialist retailers.
  • Frozen Gameford Duck Breast Fillets are also available at selected supermarkets and specialist retailers. These have been frozen immediately on the day of production, so these are not an inferior product, simply a more convenient storage option.

How Many Will I Need?
  • Both Gameford and Saveur Duck Breast Fillets are 220 - 250g per piece, so 1 breast will be suitable for 1 person.

  • Always thaw your duck breast before cooking.
  • Smooth the duck breast fillet out and remove any excess fat around the edges.
  • Score the skin all over - this will allow the fat layer under the skin to render, during cooking.
  • Season with salt & pepper, or your favourite rub.
  • Heat a non-stick frypan to a low heat. Do not grease the frypan.

Cooking Whole Saveur Duck

Frying Duck Breast Fillet
  • Place the duck breasts, skin side down, in a frypan.
  • Slowly cook the breast fillets until they begin to brown. The fat layer under the skin will begin to render and will be present in the pan as liquid fat. This is normal.
  • When the duck skin has browned enough and enough of the fat has rendered out of the breast- could be 10- 15 minutes, turn the duck breast fillet over to cook the other side.
  • Note that the duck breast will reduce in length and will swell in thickness, during this time.
  • When the breast is cooked, the juices will run clear. Remove from the pan and let the duck breast rest for 5 minutes. Discard or filter the fat remaining in the pan, for future use.

Cooking Whole Saveur Duck

Serving the Duck Breast Fillet
  • Crisp the skin in the pan, or under a hot grill.
  • Either slice the breast fillet and display on top of julienned vegetables as featured, or place whole onto mashed vegetables.
  • Drizzle over your favourite sauce or glaze.

Cooking Whole Saveur Duck

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